About Us

Political Fail Blog is more than just an alternative source of information, we are a collective of writers & truth seekers from around the world coming together with common ideas & goals. We believe that knowledge is a human right & it is our goal to share information with all the people we share this great planet with. We are border-less, non-patriotic (of any country), & non-religious. We believe in the power of humanity & the basic concept that we are meant to help one another & make each others lives a little bit easier.

Matt Gratz

Matt Gratz founded Political Fail Blog in December of 2010. As a human rights activist, Matt has spent years in the bay area fighting for social justice in the streets. Follow PFB to keep up to date with his photos, videos & blogs!

Courtney Harrop

Courtney Harrop is a freelance journalist/photographer and live broadcaster, covering social justice, politics, activism, police brutality/violence, and other news and photo worthy events. Courtney currently resides on the west coast of Canada, and when she is not out photographing and filming, she is farming, fighting bears, and building community radio.

Bella Eiko

Bella Eiko is an independent journalist and college student covering various political and community events. Unique perspective and entertaining commentary. Interactive media come to life

Tom Vee

Tom Vee is a videographer residing Oakland, California who has documented the Anti-War, Anti-Globalization(G20), Police Brutality and Occupy Oakland social justice movements as well as struggles in Haiti, Egypt and Palestine. Also see Tom Vee’s work on Mobile Broadcast News

Bridget Flanagan

Bridget Flanagan is an activist and organizer in Oakland, CA. She works as an editor and contributor for PFB as well as community liaison for the blog. Bridget maintains working relationships with activists and organizers around the country and works as a tech consultant and assistant manager for PFB’s online merchandise store.