NY becomes 6th state to allow gay marriage

Published On June 25, 2011 | By Matt Gratz | Activism, Gay Rights, Human Rights, Politics, Religion

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The Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo has signed a bill to allow same sex couples the right to marry in the state. After the decision was announced, hundreds of people took to the streets to celebrate another huge step in the civil rights movement.

New York now joins New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, and Vermont, and Washington, DC. in allowing couples who happen to be the same gender to enjoy the same legal and social benefits as their heterosexual friends.

My home state of California was on that list shortly after the CA supreme court ruled it to be legal for same sex couples to marry, but a bunch of Mormons & Religious bigots with crucifixes stuck up their asses launched proposition 8, which was a campaign full of lies, false information, and fear tactics that demonized an entire group of humanity.

This was also the year Barack Obama was elected President of the United States, who was supported by many in the Gay community, even though he feels that gay people do not deserve to have the dignity of the right to marry the person they are in love with, because of his personal superstitions. Now he says his views on same sex marriage are “evolving” just in time for the new campaign.

Let’s teach our children science so they can be smart human beings & contribute to the evolution of humanity, and not become a confused, angry religious person who thinks teaching children reality will send their souls to a place called Hell to be tortured for an eternity. Why not teach them that when the sperm meets the egg it creates a single cell, which then splits into two, then four, then eight, and eventually billions which makes up a human being. Love does not create a child, sperm & eggs do. Love can raise a child though, and there are far too many children in the world who need loving homes to deny any rights to same gender couples. Rosie is doing a wonderful job with her kids!

Christians (that I know) seem to imagine a Caucasian bearded man in birkenstocks sitting on a cloud just waiting to send homos, Buddhists, or any other group outside the guidelines of the Bible to hell. The “God” (or whatever you call it), that I like to think of has more compassion and is more intelligent than the American Christian idea of what God is.

If you don’t like same sex couples just for the fact that they are a same sex couple, you need to really think about why you feel that way, and what caused you to come to that conclusion. Love is love, plus who gives a shit what someone else is doing!?

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