Highest radioactivity level yet detected at Fukushima

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The operator of Japan’s crippled Fukushima-1 power plant has detected the highest radioactivity level since the March 11 quake and tsunami triggered the nuclear catastrophe, NHK reports.

Tokyo Electric Power Company said it had measured 10,000 millisieverts of radioactivity per hour near pipes at the bottom of a duct between the No.1 and No.2 reactor buildings.

The utility has restricted access to the site and the surrounding area. If a human received 10,000 millisieverts, he or she would probably die within a week or two, the Science Ministry’s brochure says.


Hughbert Burckhardt on Facebook says:

Was in Fukushima, Iwaki a few days ago, was fully protected, with a mask, daily rad readings were posted, it seemed to be going up and up… Last reading (yesterday morning was 0.14 outside and 0.05 inside, but the people who were there seemed to not care about their health, babies kids young adults like myself, not covered at all, weird, they looked at me and my friend who was also covered like we were aliens, and threatening them ( I and my friend are both Japanese btw) weird… The we ventured to Hisanohama (inside the 20km evac zone) rice was still growing, people were tending it… My friend kept telling me that the rice was contaminated, and they were trying to sell it…. WHY!! When we got to hisanohama, it was a ghost town as well. Few people, 7 11 operating normally, no one masked or fully clothed even… Babies and all… Saw some tsunami devastation… Was intense… And now I’ve just come from Miyagi, did some disaster relief, everyone seems calm there…going to Akita for a night, then day tripping it to ishimaki to see more hurricane damage… And now I’m hearing that the government is censoring Fukushima news???? What the hell….. 

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