Anonymous takes action against BART; hacks website, physical protest planned for this afternoon

Published On August 15, 2011 | By Matt Gratz | Anonymous, global uprising, Government, police state, Protest

Matt Gratz, Political Fail Blog

The collective of hackers and internet activists known as Anonymous has successfully left their mark on the website of BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) and has published the personal information of its clients, BART officials admit on Monday.

As a result of the BART official’s incompetence, personal data of 2,400 myBART users has been compromised. Moreover, several mobile information services of the transport system went haywire following the hackers’ intervention.

The local government has failed to address the issue of BART shutting off cell phone service last Thursday to ward of protesters. As a result of the combination of San Francisco’s lack of competent governance, the fact that Oscar Grant’s murderer walks free today (BART cop Johannes Mehserle), and the fact that just last month another man named Charles Hill was shot to death my BART police, some residents who are not completely wrapped up in their own lives and who aren’t completely selfish have deiced to take direct action.

In recent weeks we have seen protests erupt underground on BART platforms. Some protesters have even resorted to using their own bodies to attempt to disrupt train service, and maybe to shake a few sheeple awake from their willful ignorant states of being.

This afternoon, Monday August 15, there will be a planned protest at the Civic Center BART station (which is also known as the U.N. plaza) at 5pm. Show up and make your presence known. Wear a mask if you have one, and wear red to symbolize the blood BART police are so accustom to spilling on the platforms.

I am still working on getting the resources to be able to get up to the city myself to document and share the unfolding events with all of you today. Stay tuned.. To insure PFB’s ability to make it to future protests around the country to report from the “front lines” please consider joining today as a regular contributor of Political Fail Blog!

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