Egyptian military threatens to use live rounds in security crackdown – Americans prepare for their own revolution

Published On September 12, 2011 | By Matt Gratz | Activism, global uprising, Human Rights, Military, Occupy, Protest, revolution, war on terror

The military rulers of Egypt have arrested 92 more people and threatened to use live ammunition to protect buildings in the Capital after the storming of the Israeli embassy in Cairo last week, which left three people dead and the relationship between Israel and Egypt on rocky grounds.

We won’t allow anyone to attack the interior ministry or any police station,” the interior minister, Mansour al-Essawy, told state TV. “According to the law, we will resist … If there is a danger to a building or those present inside the building, we will confront with bullets.”

The total number of arrests since Friday’s protest has now reached 130.

The Egyptians recently overthrew their 30 year term “President” by utilizing a strategy of occupation with intent to remain until the one demand was met. Now it seems they must preserver through more authoritarian rule before they are free to protest and express what they feel.

Here in America, activists from coast to coast are gearing up for their own revolution inspired by the actions and successes of the Egyptians earlier this year. Thousands of Americans from San Francisco to New York are pledging to occupy the streets of major financial districts until American resources are put towards human needs rather than corporate greed and war. Some plan to remain in the nation’s capitol until all troops return home from Iraq and Afghanistan.

America’s spirit will soon be tested. There has been no talk of the planned occupations on the main stream media, but that will not prevent those who know from showing up in mass numbers.

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