Strangers risk their lives on instinct to save another

Published On September 17, 2011 | By Matt Gratz | direct action, Human Rights

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Brandon Wright, a 21 year old student at Utah State is expressing his gratitude this week to the group of strangers who risked their own lives to save his after a motorcycle accident on Monday. The unfortunate accident that left the 21 year old trapped under a burning car has reminded us that people are generally good.

In the video below, you can see how a group of random bystanders joined together to lift the burning car of the man they didn’t even know.

It is an amazing testament to the power of humanity and a great reminder of how important we are to each other. None of these people stopped to consider the consequences of rushing towards a burning car, they just reacted with compassion and care and were able to organize a successful rescue effort within seconds without the use of tools. 

“That’s a miracle,” said Brandon Wright

Now the student is expressing his thanks to those who cared so much and is sharing his story of survival.

“When the guy in the green shirt was talking to me that was the scariest thing I’ve ever dealt with in my life because I was conscious but I couldn’t move yet, and I couldn’t talk for awhile, I just thought I was going to be paralyzed,” said Wright.

According to the hospital, Wright suffered several broken bones and noted that had it not been for those good Samaritans this would be an entirely different story.

“I think if he had stayed there any significant length of time longer his injuries would’ve been much more severe and perhaps even lethal,” said Tom White, MD, Intermountain Medical Center Trauma Team.

One of the rescuers said in a media interview that he doesn’t get why people are making a big deal of it, saying that anyone would have done the same thing had they been there.

“It’s neat that people are making such a big deal of it I guess but I don’t quite get it. Because I think anybody that was there would’ve done the same thing,” said Matt Barney who was part of the rescue effort.

Though that may be true, to Brandon Wright the people who saved his life are heroes.

“I just want to thank all the heroes that put their lives on the line to save mine, I’ll be forever in debt, I can’t thank them enough,” said Wright.

When asked if he planned on buying a new motorcycle, Wright answered, “Yeah for sure. I ride that thing 95% of the time, and that’s just who I am.”

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