Media Blackout on #OccupyWallStreet boosts alternative news

Published On September 19, 2011 | By Matt Gratz | global uprising, Occupy, Propaganda, Protest, revolution

Matt Gratz, Political Fail Blog

#OccupyWallStreet 9/17/11

“America is waking up” read a sign made my a San Francisco protester on Saturday, the first day of #OccupyWallStreet & #OCCUPYFDSF.

That simple line speaks so much power, that Americans are finally beginning the process of realizing the illusion can be changed to better fit our lives. Americans are starting to see that that the main stream media puts out a great effort to control the collective consciousness by picking and choosing what to report, and how to report on it.

While I was at day one of #OCCUPYFDSF I did not see any news cameras or news crews, there were no major news outlets on the ground interviewing protesters or attempting to tell their story. There were however numerous bloggers and small local magazine reporters buzzing around the crowd asking the questions CNN and other MSM companies refuse to. While CNN was reporting on the Emmy’s and how pretty the anorexic role models for parent-less children are, PFB’s Vincent Vibbert was on the ground in NYC interviewing protesters and documenting history as it really is, not how the corporations want it to seem.

I did see one “report” on CNN about the Wall Street occupation when Don Lemon had a 30 second video-less phone interview with a reporter who claimed to had been on the ground earlier that day. The caller only talked about how much of a flop the event was and went on to discourage others from joining. After the clip ended CNN went on to encourage Americans to support the uprisings in the middle east and to push us towards accepting military intervention in Syria.

The media, much like American politics, has turned into an entertainment source as well as a propaganda tool for big money and big government. Fortunately we the people have a global consciousness that connects the true feelings and wants of the collective which is accessible to anyone with a computer, smart phone or a friend with one of the two. The internet allows people from all across the globe to communicate within a blink of an eye, the future of communication is now. One person can send a tweet or a Facebook update that can encourage thousands of others to act, this is why governments like the UK, Iran, Egypt and even the USA are increasingly trying to clamp down on open communication. They are losing their grip as the people squirm out of their clinched fists.


Just last week the UK has made a deal with Blackberry to utilize a “kill switch” for BB Messenger, an encrypted communication tool for Blackberry owners, during civil unrest.

Apple has been working on a device that can shut off the camera capabilities of all I Phones in the area at the flip of a switch. They say it is for concerts and other venues that do not allow recordings, but most see the move as a violation of the first amendment.

Last month in San Francisco, BART officials made the decision to cut off cell phone service in the station in an attempt to disrupt passengers from communicating and organizing a protest against the BART police officers who get away with murder.

As the people are rising up around the world the media has been hard at work to spin the uprisings to suit certain needs. You know the saying, never let a good crisis go to waste. They tell us that the rebels in Libya are freedom fighters, the students in the streets of London are anarchist thugs and that the occupiers on Wall Street are non-existent. They encourage us to support arming and supporting one side of a civil war while calling people within their own countries fighting for freedom simple thugs. As a result of the media’s lack of attention to the truth, people across the world are seeking alternative news sources. They can no longer trust corporate news as they have been lied to and mislead into the dire situation we find ourselves in today.

America is waking up, we know that that images displayed across our televisions are produced illusions meant to do the thinking for us. Now is our time to take to the internet and do the reporting ourselves to show those who are unable to make it out what is really happening.

We need the corporate media as much as we need the corporations themselves. Let the occupations continue on and let the mainstream media continue to be exposed for the propagandists that they are.


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