Americans are at their breaking point; Hundreds continue to #OccupyWallStreet

Published On September 23, 2011 | By Matt Gratz | global uprising, Occupy, police state, Protest, revolution

Matt Gratz, Political Fail Blog

Anger is only useful when transformed into positive action.

Americans are at their breaking point. The 99% are finally getting together and organizing to prepare their counter attack on the 1% who have enslaved the population through rigged loans, low pay rates and high costs of everything needed to live in modern day America. The American dream has turned into a nightmare as students are graduating with hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt to a bank while the only jobs available to them pay a fraction of what’s needed to live ‘just an OK life.’

I refuse to be a slave. I refuse to pay the $100,000 + in student loan interest they say I owe. I will not participate in a system designed to enslave the human race for the benefit of a few powerful individuals.

I am part of the 99% because it has been over a year since I have been able to deposit or cash a paycheck. It’s been over 2 years since my car was repossessed and I was evicted from my home for being 2 days late on my rent payment. My college degree is useless in the real world and the only jobs available to me require that I spend half my earnings on gasoline. My local government decided to revoke my drivers license while I was searching for work, because of a disputed 3 year old fix it ticket. The judge forced me to choose between paying $1,200 or going to jail for a year because a cop said that one of the numbers on my license plate was partially blocked. I am part of the 99% against the 1% because I am at my breaking point.

I know that sitting around being angry will not fix anything. I also know that anger can be transformed into positive action. For that reason, I made the trip to San Francisco on September 17 to stand in solidarity with those who continue to stand in defiance of Wall Street greed and corporate influence over our lives at #OCCUPYWALLSTREET.

If you are part of the 99% it is your time to take action. Write what you feel and share it with someone, tell your neighbors about local protests they can participate in with you, print out flyers and post them up around town, make your own lawn signs and create a home protest, get some sidewalk chalk and take to the sidewalks! Just do something to express what the 1% wants to suppress, your humanity. To the super rich, us 99 percenters are just numbers on their blackberry spreadsheet App.

If you are in the New York area please make it down to Liberty Park and support the occupiers who are sacrificing their normal lives to change ours.

From what I’ve gathered from people on the ground and online reports, about 20 people have been arrested so far, all for non-issues. The occupiers need to try to reach out to some of the cops and bring humanity to the forefront of any unwelcome confrontation.Some of the police are not complete robot zombies yet, there may still be some hope.

Or maybe not..

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