Department of Homeland Security attacked by it’s own toilets

Published On September 29, 2011 | By Matt Gratz | Government, Homeland Security, Strange
Just when you thought working for an unconstitutional, globally hated, big brother-like, paramilitary organization couldn’t get any shittier, the toilets go and explode while your in the process of detonating some internal bombs of your own. Two Department of Homeland Security employees were injured on Monday when the toilets they were using in the General Services Administration building exploded, sending one employee to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, I’m assuming to the ass.

Building administrators sent out a memo to building employees explaining what happened and warned them not to use the bathrooms in the building:

“DO NOT flush toilets or use any domestic water. Due to a mechanical failure, there is high air pressure in the domestic water system that resulted in damage to toilets. The engineering staff is working to correct the issue,” the memo read, according to WUSA-TV. “There has been damage to flushed toilets that has resulted in injuries. We will announce when the issue is resolved.”

According to this hard hitting report by The Washington Post, the toilets are back in working condition and an investigation is underway to get to the bottom of the domestic toilet attack.

GSA spokesman William Marshall Jr. issued a statement Monday night describing a “building mechanical incident” that injured at least one employee.


By Tuesday night, after the exploding toilet story had gone viral on the Internet (a symbol of Washington dysfunction?), the statement was re-issued with assurances that the toilets were working again. The incident is “under investigation” to prevent it from happening again, the statement said.

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