Homeless activist ‘Commander X’ maintains innocence in ‘Anonymous’ hacking probe

Published On October 4, 2011 | By Matt Gratz | Anonymous, global uprising, Human Rights

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An activist who spends his days working to improve the lives of his fellow house-less Americans has grabbed the attention of federal investigators who are looking into an ‘Anonymous’ ddos attack last year that left the Santa Cruz County, California website down temporarily. Christopher Doyon was indicted by a federal grand jury last month in a nationwide crackdown on internet activists. The indictment alleges that Doyon is a computer hacker who goes by the alias ‘Commander X’ who belongs to a Massachusetts-based collective called ‘The Peoples Liberation Front’ who are self proclaimed “cyber-warriors” who work for the benefit of the less fortunate.

The indictment also alleges that the homeless activist is an active member of the global internet collective ‘Anonymous,’ who act as a global consciousness to react to social injustices with the appropriate punishment, may that be 1000 pizzas sent to the target’s home or the personal information of an out of control police officer being published for the world to access.

Christopher Doyon is accused of participating in an online attack that left the website for Santa Cruz County inaccessible temporarily during a peaceful sleep-in protest outside the county court house last year. Doyon and other activists were protesting the county’s law which banned sleeping outdoors at night and the use of a blanket. The activists claim they had nothing to do with the online attacks, and even condemned them at the time.

“Whoever it was who disrupted, if anybody did, the county website of Santa Cruz, I bet I know they did it out of outrage. You can’t treat people like that,” Christopher Doyon said.

Doyon is one of the five people who have been charged with illegal camping, including Gary Johnson and Ed Frey, a homeless activist and attorney. Both men were sentenced to six months in jail in June and are currently appealing the decision.

“The protest was about standing up to the rich and powerful few in Santa Cruz and to demonstrate a better way of building community,” said Doyon. “And it was those powerful few who, fearing the effect that peaceful protest might have on upcoming elections, ordered Peace Camp 2010 to be ended by force, arresting dozens.”

The editor of ‘Peacecamp2010.blogspot.com‘ writes:

…”We assembled to protest the INJUSTICE of laws which ban SLEEPING AT NIGHT and the ban which forbids using a BLANKET AT NIGHT. We also called for amnesty for past citations. We understand that cities have the right to regulate camping. However, the City of Santa Cruz does not REGULATE camping. It forbids it completely. And this in a City with over 1,000 houseless people and shelter for less than 10% on our best days. Peace Camp 2010 had NOTHING to do with the cyber-attack. We did not plan it. We did not approve it. We had no knowlege of it until it happened. And ED FREY and I both condemned it at the time. We have always been out to win over the hearts and minds of the citizenry that it is WRONG to forbid houseless people the right to sleep at night in a situation in which inadequate shelter exists…”

The activists feel the local and federal governments are attempting to silence their protest for the homeless community, claiming that they have nothing to do with the online attacks. Since being released from custody on Thursday, the activist has been prohibited from accessing social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

“The city Santa Cruz, the county government and now the federal government are doing everything they can to silence me and I refuse.  I refuse to relent, I will not be silenced,” said Doyon.

The homeless activist does admit to being a part of the internet collective ‘Anonymous’ as association is not incriminating, or so we will see. On Saturday Morning, Doyon, who was wearing his ‘Free Bradley Manning‘ t-shit, told a group of supporters outside the courthouse that he is “Commander X,” and is very proud to be a part the “movement known as Anonymous.”

“I am Commander X,” said Doyon, outside the Santa Cruz County Courthouse on Saturday morning. “Yes, I am immensely proud and humbled to my core to be a part of the movement known as Anonymous.”

Christopher Doyon believes strongly that all humans have a moral responsibility to stand up against social injustices imposed by governments, especially when a government is arresting homeless people for sleeping with a blanket. And I could not agree more.

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