#OccupyWallStreet is not left, right, conservative, or liberal – MSM attempting to define the movement within the established rules

Published On October 6, 2011 | By Matt Gratz | Activism, global uprising, Occupy, Politics, Propaganda, Protest, revolution

The evolution of the media’s coverage on #OccupyWallStreet is progressing at a rate that makes Christine O’Donnell’s logic seem well, logical. First we did not exist, then we were just a growing group of friends in a park, now we are a major left-wing, socialist political party who supports Obama and is bent on destroying the “American way of life.” All in just three weeks!

The main stream media is the establishments most valued tool. The establishment needs labels, rules and leaders. Being confronted with thousands of citizens from San Francisco to New York who have woken up and broken free from the illusionary chains that is corporate media, the established political elite are beginning to lose their grip on the disenfranchised 99% who refuse be part of the old failed system of ‘us vs. them‘ politics.

We are not liberal, we are not conservative. We are not Democrats, nor are we Republicans. The only war we are willing to wage is the war against the top 1% who selfishly spend their lives hording the world’s wealth while the vast majority of humanity suffers.

This movement is about restoring power to the 99% of Americans who have been enslaved through corporate greed and corporate owned politicians. The demand was clear months before the protest even began, yet somehow the media doesn’t know this.

The protesters are to remain in place until the laws that allow big money to influence law makers’ decisions are eradicated. If a person wishes to lobby their representative, that is their right. However, there should not be any money involved in the process. The demand is simple. The response will not come easy.

Some in the media are beginning the process of intervening to push forward their own agenda’s. Earlier this evening MSNBC’s Ed Schultz paid the occupiers in Liberty Park a visit where he was surrounded by protesters.

During his broadcast he began to present the protest as a left wing, pro democratic party response to the Tea Party. At one point he even said that many in the crowd support President Obama, which was quickly dispelled by the growing crowd behind him when a couple protesters began to yell, “NO WE’RE NOT!”

As soon as the crowd began to turn on the MSNBC propagandist, they cut to a long montage of Fox News tea party reports. When the live shot returned, Ed was suddenly across the street from the crowd, blocked off my metal barriers, and an even larger crowd of protesters began to shout “GO HOME ED! WE DON’T SUPPORT YOU!” Then all at once the crowd began to chant “REVOLUTION, REVOLUTION!”

Ed carried on, a safe distance from the people he claims to support, and interviewed leaders of labor unions who insisted that this protest was in support of President Obama. The union leaders went on to insist that the President is supportive of this movement, and encouraged him to join the protesters.

If President Obama supported the protesters, the protest would be over. What the media is trying to do now is mainstream this movement and contain it before we really get what we all deserve, freedom from corporate America. The occupation will not be co-opted. This revolution will prevail. The main stream media is just going to have to deal with the fact that the 99% are up to their tricks and will no longer tolerate their bull shit.

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