Haitians Sue U.N. for Nearly $1B Over Tragic Cholera Epidemic

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The tiny island nation of Haiti has gone through so much struggle and adversity in modern and historical times. Whether it’s French slave owners in the 1700′s (before the Haitian revolution from 1791-1804) or modern day U.N. peacekeepers, foreign armed armies can’t seem to leave these people alone. Wanting to help is one thing, turning an island nation into what looks like a practice ground for the U.N. to depopulate/control the earth is another.

Since the tragic January 2010 earthquake that left millions of Haitians homeless and sick, the U.N. has only made matters worse with multiple sexual abuse claims, misuse of funds meant to help the poor, and infecting hundreds of thousands of suffering people with Cholera. I’ve said it many times before to the U.N., do the world a favor and stop doing the world favors! This global, non-democratic, armed, private government has taken control of Haiti, and the Haitian people have had enough. I know I would not tolerate foreign armed, not to mention diseased, forces outside my door step/tent flap telling me what to do and how to do it.

The U.N. has budgeted $800 million (or two and a half million dollars per day!) to pay for armed peace keepers to maintain a police state existence for Haitians while homes have yet to be built for those who need them, clean water is a commodity and children remain hungry and sick. I know many reading this, like me, donated money in the first months of the response. I remember soon after seeing that Presidents Bush (W) and Clinton teamed up to head the effort to help the Haitian people using our money. I was really too young to really know for myself what President Clinton is like, but I knew that W. is a total fuck up and should not be trusted with millions of dollars meant to help humans. George W. Bush is responsible for the deaths of millions of human beings, this is a fact. It was more shocking than it was Awesome, if you ask me.

The Institute for Justice and Democracy (IJD) in Haiti which is representing the 5,000+ Haitians who are suing the U.N. over the cholera epidemic that left an estimated 6,000 people dead and another 450,000 sickened, are seeking nearly $1 billion in damages. The law group threatened to take the U.N. to court if the globalist organization refused to pay a settlement of $50,000 for each individual who was infected, and $100,000 for each family member who lost a loved one to the U.N.’s deadly bacteria, which was caused by negligence by a U.N. Nepalese peacekeeping battalion who contaminated a popular and needed water source when they allowed their toilets to overflow into a river in the Central Plateau.

The U.N. has not yet accepted responsibility for their murderous actions when an official told ABC news that they didn’t know if it was their fault or not saying, “We don’t know if it was the U.N. troops or not, that’s the bottom line.”

The same report by ABC cited above also shows that there is DNA evidence connecting the outbreak to the U.N. peacekeepers.

[The Institute for Democracy in Haiti lays out its case in a 37-page complaint, which it filed with the UN under the rules established when the international body first deployed peacekeepers to Haiti. It describes how cholera is endemic in Nepal, how new Nepalese troops arrived in the village of Meille in October of 2010, how the troops failed to maintain sanitary conditions at their encampment, how witnesses described dark plumes of refuse leaching into a major waterway, and how cholera exploded in the region near the Meille camp in the weeks after their arrival.
Further, it cites numerous independent studies that match the strain of cholera to the one in Nepal using DNA and other evidence. One study, published in the medical journal The Lancet in July, found that all the evidence pointed to the Nepalese UN troops.
“There was an exact correlation in time and places between the arrival of a Nepalese battalion from an area experiencing a cholera outbreak and the appearance of the first cases in Meille a few days after,” said the study by leading epidemiologist Renaud Piarroux. “The remoteness of Meille in central Haiti and the absence of report of other incomers make it unlikely that a cholera strain might have been brought there another way. Full article here.]

Attorney Brian Concannon of the Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti sat down with Amy Goodman of DemocracyNow! to discuss the latest developments in the cholera outbreak. Concannon points out the wasteful spending of the U.N.’s peacekeeping mission in Haiti and advocates for the U.S. and others to step up and help the Haitian people build and maintain an efficient water sanitation system. Humans are asking other humans for the most basic of needs, how will the world respond? Let’s hope this appeal earns the Haitian people a chance at Independence and a glass of clean water.

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