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Michigan Police Allow Intoxicated Inmate to Die in Jail Cell, Find No Wrong Doing in Their Own Actions

Published On December 2, 2011 | By Matt Gratz | cop watch, Human Rights, Police, police state

Michigan State police have completed their own internal investigation into the death of 35 year old Bradford Gibson, who was tased multiple times and left to die in a jail cell after only one hour of arriving at the facility earlier this year. Of course the police have found themselves not guilty of any wrong doing, and place all the blame on the man for being intoxicated and unruly.

According to a report by Susan Field, Bradford T. Gibson “was so out of control that he still struggled with police after being Tasered twice.” Other reports say the man died of a PCP overdose, but I’m sure the taser shocks helped.

The AP reports:

Michigan State Police say they’ve found no criminal wrongdoing on behalf of authorities in the death of a 35-year-old man in a mid-Michigan jail cell.

The Morning Sun of Mount Pleasant and The Bay City Times report Bradford Gibson of Midland died of a PCP overdose Sept. 24 at the Isabella County Jail. A stun gun had been used by officers trying to get him to leave a bar in Mount Pleasant.

According to the police report, Gibson was found unconscious in his jail cell at “about” 3am. He was arrested and electrocuted multiple times only one hour earlier.

The police need to take some new classes or something on how to handle stressful situations in a non violent way. It is time to dis-arm the peace keepers and empower the public to take action when someone is being an asshole at a bar. There is no need to kill someone for being “that guy.” Let’s step it up people, don’t be afraid to act and don’t assume someone else will.

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