Police Are Using Sound Weapons Used to "Fight Terrorism" on Occupy Protesters

Published On December 5, 2011 | By Matt Gratz | cop watch, Government, Police, police state, Protest, revolution, war on terror
Out of the tragic events that unfolded on September 11, 2001 came what feels like an entire new world.┬áSince that day the fear level of many people went up as a result of government and media propaganda designed to keep people from realizing that everything is always changing and the past can no longer hurt us. The most unfortunate on-going effect from that collective consciousness altering day is the fact that so many people have been trained to always be waiting for something bad to happen, and as a result have become their own terrorists by creating tools meant to harm and/or control other humans. One of the tools created out of fear of what might happen is called an LRAD machine, (Long Range Acoustic Device) which emits a debilitating high pitched noise that can be concentrated and directed at a group of people or even a single person. The devices were designed to be used against foreign “enemy” combatants such as pirates or other dangerous people, but are now being used by domestic law enforcement as crowd control tools, even when the crowd is in full control of their actions.

The police themselves are being or have been brainwashed through rigorous training to think of protesters as “cockroaches” who are just in the way of them doing their job. It seems as if many local police departments have been co-opted by some outside collective force with a goal of silencing activists, or what officials call “anti-social people” who act out in “anti-social behavior.” The Department of Homeland Security has been increasing it’s authoritarian presence within local police stations around the country, offering training on crowd control and even buying local police stations riot gear, you know – to fight terrorism.

W.J. Hennigan of The Los Angeles Times reported earlier today that the LAPD used large LRAD machines to evict occupiers from their encampment near city hall earlier in the week. He also reminds us that police in NYC used smaller hand held LRAD devices against similar protesters in then occupied Zuccotti Park, re-named freedom park – before the freedom to sleep in blankets was removed by somehow beloved Mayor Bloomberg.

[Pittsburgh police used LRADs mounted on an armored vehicle to break up demonstrations jamming the city's downtown during the Group of 20 international economic conference in 2009. More recently, New York police officers used small, hand-held LRADs to bark orders as they ousted the Occupy Wall Street protest from Zuccotti Park.

The Los Angeles Police Department has an undisclosed number of LRADs, but they are larger devices fixed to vehicles, which they say might have been helpful in breaking up the Occupy L.A. encampment at City Hall last week.]

LAPD Cmdr. Bob Green complained that protesters could not hear orders to disperse over normal loud speakers, and used that as justification to use a combat weapon against American citizens on American soil. The police were forced to used massive speakers to get the attention of the very people they are supposed to be serving and protecting. The police need to realize they do not hold any authority over anyone but themselves and they need to literally come down off their high horses and join the rest of us in reality.

“It’s frustrating when you’re not heard in those situations because ultimately it’s all about communications,” Green whined. “Bad things happen when the batons are out and the adrenaline is flowing. So, if there’s something better out there to get the message across, let’s have it.”

Yes, officer Green, it is very frustrating when you’re not being heard in these types of situations, on this point we can agree. It is also true that “bad things happen when the batons come out,” so let’s just go ahead and leave those back at the office next time. I don’t understand how a person can agree to be paid to prevent thousands of other people from expressing their will to make changes in the most peaceful way. Police who are called to “take down” occupation sites really need to re-consider who they want to serve and protect, because at this point the police are simply an obedient private army for the banksters.

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