Army investigators say they have evidence linking Bradley Manning to Julian Assange & Wikileaks; Why no government outrage over the filmed & covered up murder?

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After 573 days in military custody, army investigators are now claiming to have found evidence linking Bradley Manning to Wikileaks’ Julian Assange. On this fourth day of the accused soldier’s preliminary hearings, Army special agent David Shaver told the investigating officer that nearly 500,000 classified documents pertaining to the US military’s occupations of both Iraq & Afghanistan were found on a memory card found with Manning’s belongings, along with a note saying, “This is possibly one of the more significant documents of our time, removing the fog of war and revealing the true nature of 21st century asymmetric warfare. Have a good day.”

Luis Martinez reported earlier today about the army’s computer forensic investigation:

Army Special Agent David Shaver testified today that a review of the data card Manning used with two secure computers he used in Baghdad contained hundreds of thousands of battlefield reports from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Shaver said he found the reports in an encrypted file after using the password ” TWink1492!!” which was also the log-in for Manning’s personal computer. He agreed with the prosecution when they said, “So you got kind of lucky.”

Upon accessing the file, Shaver said, he found 91,000 Afghanistan battlefield reports and more than 400,000 similar reports from Iraq.

Investigators are also claiming they have recovered 14 to 16 pages of deleted chat logs between Manning and a person with the alias “Nathaniel” which contained conversations about classified documents and even mentioned Wikileaks. Multiple emails between Manning and an acquaintance, Eric Schmiedl, if real, could reveal Bradley Manning to be the hero we have all thought him to be as he allegedly says in a May 19, 2010 email, “I was the source of the 12 July 07 video from the Apache Weapons team. Which killed the two journalists and injured two kids.” Later in the same month, Wikileaks published “collateral murder.”

Investigators have admitted that Manning’s Mac Book Pro was not protected by a password, leaving the question of who was communicating over the device wide open. Matthew Hay Brown reports:

Shaver acknowledged that the military computers were secure workstations from which analysts were authorized to view material from the State Department and the Defense Department and that more than one analyst was assigned to the computers.

He said that more than 100,000 diplomatic cables couldn’t be connected to Manning, and that 10,000 that were found on his computer didn’t match the cables published by WikiLeaks.

Investigator Mark Johnson, who examined Manning’s personal MacBook Pro, said it was set to boot up without a password — meaning, he acknowledged, he can’t say for certain that Manning was responsible for the chats, the IP addresses or Assange’s details found on his computer.

“I cannot put somebody at the keyboard, no,” Johnson said.

Famed Pentagon whistle blower Daniel Ellsberg and outspoken gay rights activist Lt. Dan Choi were in attendance in today’s hearings, but not without their own struggles with the law. Choi says the two were delayed and blocked from entering the military base because he chose to wear his military garb and had an outdated military ID, because he was fired for being gay. As a result of the incompetence at the gate the pair were late for the hearing and then denied access to the court room for being just a few minutes past the starting time, though the previous day others were allowed to filter in and out once the hearing had begun. Soon after Choi was violently arrested and placed in a security tailor for “heckling the military police.”

Ellsberg was asked to leave the courtroom after introducing himself to Manning during a brief recces.

Rainey Reitman was in the court room today to report for The Bradley Manning Support Network:

Choi, wearing dress blues, explained that he was detained for a long period of time at the Visitor’s Entrance when attempting to come on base. The soldiers at the gate prevented him entrance because they did not believe he was allowed to wear a military uniform when he couldn’t produce a current military ID. Due to this lengthy delay, Ellsberg and Choi were late in arriving at the courtroom. When they arrived, they were denied entrance because the court was in session – even though many had been let in late the prior afternoon and earlier this morning. The decision to allow late entrance seemed arbitrarily and spitefully enforced.

After hearing this story from Choi, I stepped into the heated trailer and so was unable to see what occurred next.

According to witnesses I spoke to afterwards, soldiers who had been speaking with Choi grabbed him and dragged him into the security trailer. One lawyer on hand expressed concern at the rough treatment he received, and another individual said they physically lifted Choi at one point in pushing him into the security trailer. Once inside the security trailer with a number of military police, we could hear sounds of loud thumping. Those of us outside were prevented from seeing what was occurring and the Military Police (MP) blocked access to the trailer. We were unable to speak to Choi and it was unclear why he was being taken away in this manner.

As the world’s governments continue to consolidate powers and silence whistle blowers and activists they only reveal themselves to be weak. People all over the world are standing up for truth and are demanding, not asking, for Bradley Manning to be set free guilty or not! The real criminals are the prepubescent boy-men who were allowed to murder reporters and shoot at children with a remote control and those who attempted to cover it up!

They need homosexual people to fight Christians (American sheeple Christians, not the nice ones who actually act like Christ) over the right to be married when the whole idea of marriage is outdated and discriminatory in the 21st century, they love to waste our time with sex scandals and the latest celebrity wedding/divorce, and when a new season of American Idol or Dancing with the Stars is on they love to laugh and talk about who they voted for the previous night, all seemingly to train the sheeple how to vote in the next election, let’s face it, the media holds ALL the political power and politicians and their owners know and love this fact.

The vast majority of the world understands that Bradley Manning is a hero and that the truth should and will be available to the public at all times. The American empire is loosing it’s grip over the mind’s and hearts of many of those who hold up and maintain the illusion of politics more and more each day. As CNN debuts Wall Street’s front woman, Erin Burnett, to spin wall street bankers to be the lifeline of America and Occupiers to be socialist, lazy, jobless hippies, MSNBC has Rev. Al Sharpton following Ed Shultz to make sure the “left” stays in a state of anger against the “right” and Obama is re-elected no matter how many lies are exposed. Fox news needs no mention.

Thankfully we know better and as a result will do better in the next election. 2012 will not be a repeat of 2008 when a charismatic hero comes in to sweep the nation off their feet only to slam them back down on their faces. President Obama stole the revolutionary energy in 2008 when he promised hope and change, but now too many people in America are left literally begging for change. 2012 is the year of the occupier, Democrats and Republicans will be no more.

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