Greek TV Host Egged for Hosting Neo-Nazi

Published On April 10, 2012 | By Matt Gratz | direct action, Government, Politics, racism, social justice

A Greek newscaster who hosted a member of the openly neo-nazi Chrysi Avgi party last week, was pelted with eggs and yogurt bombs while interviewing a guest live on the air Friday evening.

17 individuals wearing handkerchiefs over their faces made their way into the Epiros TV1 newsroom to deliver their message to news anchor Panagiotis Vourhas: Don’t put neo-nazis on your show.

The Chrysi Avgi party, or the Golden Dawn party, is known to have carried out violent attacks on immigrants and people perceived to be foreign in Greece. In recent months the neo-nazi party has gained some support in the country, with recent polls showing the party is likely to receive a seat in parliament by earning more than 3 percent of the vote in next months election, according to the Huffington Post.

According to the latest polls, in the upcoming elections which will probably take place in the next few weeks, the neo-Nazi party “Chrysi Avgi” (Golden Dawn), will succeed for the first time to get elected to the Greek parliament by earning more than 3 percent of the vote. In the latest municipal elections, Golden Dawn faired unexpectedly well in Athens, running on an anti-immigrant, racist agenda. This is a party that for years has been painting swastikas all over the country and has been responsible for violent attacks on immigrants and leftists, as well as defacing Jewish cemeteries and Holocaust memorials. Another extreme right wing and openly anti-Semitic party, LAOS, has been in the parliament since 2004. Its leader, George Karatzaferis, has in the past denied the Holocaust. -HP.

With an estimated one million illegal immigrants living the Greece, the country has begun the process of opening 30 “closed hospitality centers” to house up to 30,000 of the unwanted guests by 2014, the first of which is set to open in the coming weeks. Officials say the detention centers will offer a break from inner-city crime and create thousands of local jobs for state registered citizens.

The human containment program will cost the European Union $332 million and is expected to house nearly 3 times the number of current prisoners in the Mediterranean nation, according to the Associated Press:

Public Order Minister Michalis Chrysohoidis said 30 facilities — officially named “closed hospitality centers” — would be created on unused military sites under a (EURO)250 million ($332 million) program funded by the European Union.

The pledge came just weeks ahead of national elections expected by early May.

“Whoever (illegally) enters the country will be given hospitality and will be immediately asked to return home,” Chrysohoidis told a press conference. “Unless they are refugees … in which case they have a sacred right to asylum.”

The detained immigrants would far outnumber Greece’s prison population, currently estimated at 12,500.

Whether it’s small or large action, the Greeks know their way around a protest.

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