Stockton PD Declares State of Emergency During Anti Police Brutality Protest

Published On April 13, 2012 | By Matt Gratz | cop watch, Government, Occupy, Occupy Oakland, Police, police state, Protest

The Stockton police department declared “condition red” for the first time in 15 years on Tuesday in response to an anti police brutality protest. All calls for assistance that were not an in-progress act of violence or life-threatening emergency were ignored to allow 167 officers to focus on “preserving order.”

“It is relatively unheard of,” Eric Jones, chief of the Stockton Police Department told The Record. “In my tenure, I don’t recall going to ‘condition red’ before.”

Riot police cleared the streets after declaring an “unlawful assembly” even though there had been no instances of violence or illegal activity. City Hall was temporarily on lock down during the rally, causing the city council meeting to start 30 minutes behind schedule.

Police, including 45 off duty officers, racked up $12,000 in over time pay during the four-hour protest which resulted in one arrest. Police say one cruiser was vandalized with a permanent marker, and dented.

Hundreds of people were protesting the 2010 officer involved killing of 17 year old James Rivera as well as the more recent shooting death of 32 year old Luther Brown Jr.

Within the group were supporters who traveled from Occupy Oakland, who hold a weekly protest against the Oakland police department. During a live report on KCRA, newscaster Gulstan Dart asked the field reporter if the protesters who came from Oakland were responsible for “creating more of the problems.”

“I know you only saw what you were able to see Melinda,” Dart said to the field reporter, “but since the Occupy Oakland protesters were brought in, could you say that it was them that was creating more of the problems with the police or was it kinda mixed with everybody?”

Having spent a lot of time with Occupy Oakland, and having faced OPD oppression first hand, I was extremely offended when I heard that question being asked on the news. The only time demonstrations turn “violent” in Oakland, is when the police decide to instigate and create chaos.

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