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At Least Two Arrested at OPD’s Not So Open House

Published On May 4, 2012 | By Matt Gratz | cop watch, Occupy Oakland, OPD, Police, police state, Propaganda

The Oakland police department held an open house Friday night in an attempt to reach out and connect with community members with something other than a crowd dispersant. Though the doors were open to the public, Occupy Oakland live streamer Jessica Hollie (@BellaEiko) was denied entry and others were forced out of the building after being allowed in.

A small group representing The Uhuru Solidarity Movement was already inside the station by the time Hollie had arrived, but after hearing the dissenting voice of the live streamer, police felt the need to filter their guests. Apparently the three members of the Uhuru solidarity movement were deemed a threat to the department’s propaganda stunt, so they were pushed out the front doors. As the group was leaving, one member was arrested for no apparent reason. The group is planning an action tomorrow in which they will hold the Oakland police department on trial for the “colonial genocide of the African community.” The group intended on delivering their subpoena to Police cheif Jordan tonight.

Shortly after that incident, Running Wolf, a local Indigenous elder, was arrested for burning sage on the sidewalk. Something he does every single day, in fact it’s hard to remember times when he is not burning the herb which he believes clears away negative energy. Unfortunalty it was not strong enough today.

The show must go on!

Once the police had made their arrests for the day they continued on with their show. A parade of twinkling motocops drove up and down the blocked off road as a helicopter hovered close above. They had cars, a command center, motorcycles and even a freggin’ boat out on display. As many public stunts intended to make violent people look docile, children had been invited to play around the machinery.

The open house was part of the City’s effort to reach out to the community on this 160th anniversary of it’s founding. City hall hosted a cake cutting ceremony, concert and an unveiling of a repaired model of city hall that was allegedly vandalized on January 28th by protesters who had just been attacked and gassed repeatably through out the day by police.

Watch the archived live feed footage from today’s events here.

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