Radical Oakland LGBTQ Activists March on Pride & Smash Banks – Photos & Video

Published On September 2, 2012 | By Matt Gratz | Anarchy, direct action, Gay Rights, revolution, social justice

After learning of Oakland’s paid entry/corporate sponsored gay pride event on Sunday, a group of radical LGBTQ activists decided to take action against the commercialization of their life struggle.

The group gathered at Snow Park at 5PM and marched at 6PM, circling the fenced off area before moving through the financial district leaving broken bank windows & ATMs in their wake. The majority of the 100+ marchers were dressed alike, utilizing the black bloc tactic to better conceal their identities.

The targeted property destruction, seen in the video above, is inspired by the violence perpetrated on a daily basis by capitalism & it’s banks. The main target seemed to be Bank of America, as it sustained substantial damage to it’s front windows and ATMs. All machines were left unusable, sending a firm message to the institution that the people are rising up and fighting back.

No arrests or injuries occurred and marchers dispersed about an hour after the start of the action.

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12 Responses to Radical Oakland LGBTQ Activists March on Pride & Smash Banks – Photos & Video

  1. C. Sings says:

    Theoretically, I can’t get too upset about bank windows being smashed. But are these REALLY majority LGBTQ activists? Oakland Pride is a bit problematized in that I think you have to pay to get in, and it’s organized by the guy who owns Bench and Bar seemingly as a way for him to make money. I could totally see reasons to protest it, but it’d be pretty fucked up if this was straight people that did this. Also, I don’t like this idea that (supposedly) Oakland radical types continually think that vandalizing downtown is somehow ‘activism’. The only repercussion of smashing shit is that some working class person has to go clean up yr mess. Downtown is a residential neighborhood where people actually live. I doubt that 10 of these shits actually live here.

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  3. One of the people who marched beside me in the radical contingent at Albuquerque Pride didn’t identify as queer. So what? No, people with straight privilege can’t completely understand the queer experience and it would be problematic for only such folks to have participated in this action, but that’s absurdly unlikely. If nothing else, they were preforming queerness in the action. Get your identity politics and divide-&-conquer tactics out of here! Queers are revolting and we’re not going to stop.

  4. WOW says:

    Dancing to Nicki Minaj who is pro-Romney just made this assanine bullshit even funnier.

  5. CB says:

    This whole thing underscores the stupidity of random goalless. Their goal is the big banking structures but they fucking vandalize Patelco; a Credit Union, the exact place that people have been using to stick it to the banks. Assholes.

    • better says:

      Well, as has been made clear by your asinine response, it turns out that they have a much better understanding and critique of financialization in the current historical moment than you do.

      And to the person ‘WOW’ above, refer to my spelling of ‘asinine.’ You’re all morons.

      • CB says:

        Vandalizing a credit union ATM is somehow evidence of an understanding and “critique of financialization in the current historical moment” instead of just marijuana-addled angry teenagers with no point or direction except WE SMASH THING THAT MAKE DOLLAR COME OUT.

        What a smug, pretentious, and self-justified response you give. Too bad you don’t have any rationale support for your reply. Great way to turn even more people away from the movement.

  6. It looks like a Bank of America to me. I mean, it even says “Bank of America” on the building and on the ATMs. Not exactly ambiguous. Did they vandalize a credit union too?

  7. someguy says:

    I was there. They tried to push their way into the stage area and knocked down a fence. They flipped off the people they were allegedly trying to recruit. It would be sad if it weren’t so shallow and cowardly.

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