Take Back the Plaza! Over Night Vigil + FTP #O25

Published On September 8, 2012 | By Matt Gratz | direct action, Occupy, Occupy Oakland, OPD, Police, police state, Protest, revolution

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Please join us for a day of discussion on how to effectively combat state and police oppression on October 25th at Oscar Grant Plaza (CityHall) at 3PM.

Schedule of events:

12:00PM Chalkupy at OGP
Converge on OGP starting at 3PM
Dinner/GA at 5:30PM
FTP March at 7PM *After GA, or organically*
Occupy OGP and continue conversations all night.

Please bring: Tents, warm clothes, food to share, shields, defensive tactics and hella friends!


During the early hours of October 25, 2011, hundreds of violent police officers stormed into Occupy Oakland’s home base at Oscar Grant Plaza, near city hall, to evict protesters & to remove their belongings. 96 of our comrades were arrested after the cops used tear gas, flash-bang grenades and less-than-lethal munitions to subdue the crowd.

Occupy Oakland’s spirit was not damaged, we were emboldened and radicalized as thousands returned that afternoon to stand up and fight back. Unforgettably, so did the police. The battle for the plaza went on into the night, turning downtown Oakland into what looked like a war zone. Hot canisters of tear gas flew through the air, rubber bullets crashed into the bodies of our fellow occupiers, one hitting an Iraq war veteran in the head, putting his life in serious danger.

This year we say, FIGHT BACK! Let’s re-converge and take back our home!

Meet at Oscar Grant Plaza at 3PM before the 7PM FTP march  on OPD. Let’s show these pigs we will never back down in the face of violent oppression!

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Added 10/16/12 -

Roughly 10 organizers for this event have been meeting regularly to make sure this night is a success, meaning no arrests or casualties. Knowing that we cannot and will not control autonomous actions & respecting the various forms of anger within those who will be participating, we would like to make it clear that un-targeted property damage is not part of the plan and is discouraged in the interest of extending our presence past the march.

Rather than the tactic of smashing, this night would be a great time to exercise our defensive tactics. (Bring shields, work together and act smart!)

There are multiple goals to achieve through this action including, holding space through out the night, calling out OPD violence in a very public way & celebrating our unity against oppression.

The march will make stops at various downtown locations where the OPD has shown their ugly side against dissenters. We would like to stop at each location and project video and images of what the police have done to us there, on the walls of a near by building or on our mobile slide show screen. Calling out OPD is such a public way will be a huge win for the Occupy Oakland community by showing the general public what true violence is.

The march will then end at one of three undisclosed locations where we will hold that space through out the night. Remember to bring items that will help you accomplish this goal: Warm clothes, blankets, tents…

See you all on the 25th & seriously, FUCK THE POLICE!

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