SFPD Uses Excessive Force & Numbers to Take Down One Man in the Mission – Video

Published On January 25, 2013 | By Matt Gratz | cop watch, Police, police state, racism

Once again the SFPD has been caught on camera abusing their “powers” in order to take down one man in the Mission, who was apparently involved in a verbal confrontation with a peer moments before.

In the above video, captured by Youtube user Griz415 on January 24, you can see a cop on a motorcycle attempting to run into the young man target, before a second cop tackles him to the street, using both hands to push the man’s face into the storm drain. All the while, the man is telling the cops that he has done nothing wrong, in-between screams of pain and confusion of why his face was being forced into the street. Within moments, as if a red alert had gone out, up to 20 more cops arrived on the scene ready to jump in and further the assault.

According to Griz415, the man was involved in a non-physical confrontation with someone around his age, 18-19, which may be the reason the cops decided to detain him.

Long story short he got into it not physically but just verbally wit sum cat his age.. 18-19 cops seen that decided to approach him.. He tried to walk away set would not let him.. I mean this is how I feel -if I’m not getting arrested then *uck off leave me alone right? They jus using there power of authority..they love and must get the last laugh..fuck dem (Youtube comment by Griz415)

This show of aggression by mostly white cops against a single black man further illustrates the need for community organizing and resistance against the racists pigs and policies that police them. Luckily, this incident was caught on camera and hopefully the young man will be able to use the footage to press charges against the cops who assaulted him, and bring more common-will to live in a non-authoritarian society.


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