Funny video yes, but reveals society’s faults

Published On January 15, 2011 | By Matt Gratz | Uncategorized

You might have caught this video clip on The Daily Show’s moment of zen a few nights ago, or maybe a friend has sent it to you.Yes it is funny to watch, but it also shows us that we will always have something to complain and be mad about, even if we are going on vacation to get tans on our backs.

How did we get here? The past 100 years have been full of innovation in technology. More so than all the previous years combined. Almost everyday now some new form of technology is released, with a purpose to make human life easier, faster, or more productive. But are we becoming a better society with all these new gadgets and things, are we any closer to being better then we were 100 years ago? Or are we getting worse?

Obviously we, in some countries, have made major advances in social justice in the past 100 years, but our collective attitude seems to be in a place where we have stopped progressing for the good, and are now just a bunch of complainers who want things to change, but would rather just go to Starbucks and watch video clips on our I Pads.

We can change! When we are at the coffee shop playing with our I Pads or laptops, lets use it to share some information with a young person in China or North Korea, where freedom of information is non existent, and the general public is only allowed to know what a few people with “power” decide is acceptable for them.

Lets change the world by coming together as one, and not allowing anyone to tell us what we can or cannot learn or do. Enough of the lies and enough of the suppression of man kinds progression with all these distractions!

We are better then what it seems. Please turn off your T.V.’s, read a book, write a book, play with your pets, go to a park, just do something that is real. Do something that matters everyday. Even if it is as simple as bringing clean water to a homeless person every day or week. If we all do our part to take care of our planet and all the life on it, there will be no reason for anyone to be upset because they are being delayed to go lay on a beach somewhere. If that kid was taught to spend his down time helping someone else, or reading about something that is interesting, I guarantee you he would not have been complaining that day.

Lets start enjoying our lives by helping others, because as far as we know, this is all we have.

- Matt Gratz, PFB. 1/14/2011

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