Bradley Manning Court Audio Recording Leaked to Public [video]

Published On March 12, 2013 | By Courtney Harrop | Bradley Manning, Courtney Harrop, Military, political prisoners, Wikileaks

For the first time since his incarceration, the public gets to hear Bradley Manning’s voice.

On March 12, 2013, The Freedom Of the Press Foundation released an audio recording of Bradley Manning reading his statement to the military court. Though no recording devices are allowed in the court, someone managed to get one in. According to an article from The Telegraph:

The recording appears to have been made inside of the court room itself, rather than the media centre where journalists usually watch the proceedings over a live video feed.


Pfc Manning’s voice sounds louder and closer than the military judge’s, suggesting it was recorded in the public gallery at the back of the court. There is also no trace of the typing or discussion between journalists that usually takes place in the media centre.

Freedom of The Press Foundation and Bradley manning need your help to share this statement far and wide. From the Freedom of the Press Foundation website:

By releasing this audio recording, we wish to make sure that the voice of this generation’s most prolific whistleblower can be heard—literally—by the world. Please spread his words as far as you can: on your blog, in your videos, on Twitter and on Facebook.

To listen to the full audio recording, to download, get embed codes, transcipts (courtesy of Alexa O’Brien) and for excerpts that may be of public interest, you can go HERE.  The video provided was done by Laura Poitras and Jenny Perlin, and has been made available on Youtube.

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We are all Bradley Manning.



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