Rally in Response to SF State Excessive Force Planned for Tuesday, May 21st

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Members of the SF Commune and Students at San Francisco State University are calling for a direct action at 2PM on Tuesday, May 21st. Organizers say that the action, which will take place on Malcom X Plaza on the SF State campus, is a response to the brutalization and detainment of five individuals who were arrested while visiting students in the SF State dorms on Thursday evening.

On Wednesday night San Francisco Police showed up in full riot attire to an abandoned church property in order to raid and dismantle the SF Commune that had been providing shelter and community space at 200 Broad Street for over a year. During the raid, SFPD arrested and detained four comrades, all of whom have since been released.



These are pictures from the SF Commune and the community involvement that it inspired (Photo Credit: Ryan Rising via

However SFPD, along with several campus security guards and a plain clothes cop, entered the SF State dorms on Thursday night and brutally arrested five comrades who were visiting students living in the dorms. Unlike the UC system, SF State has no independent police force and relies on security guards who immediately call SFPD for most situations. When asked by KTVU about the grounds for the police action, and whether or not there was probable cause, the university claimed (on a very shaky legal foundation) that SFPD was called in on a “public drunkenness” complaint, but then later retracted that statement, saying that campus “public safety officers” were called into the dorms to inform the students hosting comrades displaced by Wednesday’s raid that they were over the limit on allowed number of guests-per-room.

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A still from one of the arrests made Thursday night looks more like sexual assault than a warning for too many occupants. Those arrested were badly beaten and friends from campus and the commune are rallying for the arrestees to receive medical treatment and visits from lawyers, which have been denied them while in custody.

The university did not comment on the reasons for the excessive use-of-force, but people close to the arrestees claim that the intense level of violence used was retaliatory political repression because the SFPD officers present at both events recognized members of the commune from the night before.

The following videos and images that detail the arrests have mature content and should be taken as a trigger warning for those suffering from any form of PTSD or complex traumatic stress syndrome.

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