RCMP Attack Mi’kmaq Anti-Fracking Blockade

Published On October 17, 2013 | By Courtney Harrop | Courtney Harrop, direct action, social justice

This morning while the west coast was still waking up, things were escalating on the east coast at the Mi’kmaq blockade against fracking.

For over two weeks, the road that leads to an equipment compound leased to Texas based energy company, Southwest Energy (SWN) has been blockaded by the Elsipogtog Mi’kmaq First Nation and their allies.

Since the summer there have been ongoing protests, direct actions, and other forms of radical action. The blockade has been preventing the thumper trucks ( huge vehicles that gather seismic data to determine the location of natural gas) from operating.

It has been reported that the blockade is costing SWN over 60,000 per day. More info about that HERE.

Today, the RCMP moved in to enforce an injunction that was issued two weeks ago with a show of force. Officers creeping around in the bushes with rifles pointed at peaceful demonstrators, reports of bean bag rounds being fired, as well as people being hosed down.

Multiple police vehicles have been set on fire, and more supporters continue to arrive at the site.

For a short video with some background information to get up to speed, go HERE.

The Mi’kmaq Warrior Society released this VIDEO as a call-out for support. The Warrior Society also issued a list of demands to  New Brunswick Premiere Albert, which you can read HERE.

Solidarity actions will be happening across Canada tomorrow, October 18th in Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton, and wherever else organizes and steps up. Caravans heading to the blockade will be leaving from the west coast on Saturday October 19th from Vancouver, and possibly Vancouver Island. Check back for updates.

Follow hashtags #Mikmaqblockade #RCMP #Elsipogtog #INDIGENIZE to stay up to date with the ongoing developments.

Info from the blockade and all photo credit goes to @stimulator  (who has been reporting live from the front lines)

A collection of tweets from this morning/afternoon can be found HERE.

Some other articles on the situation:

This situation is ongoing, and is escalating rapidly. I encourage people to follow updates on twitter and facebook. Use the hashtags, share the information, and help make sure the truth gets out there. If you are close by, the people could use support.

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